The estimated delivery time for Portugal, Azores and Madeira Islands, and Europe is 3 to 5 working days.
United States of America is up to 7 working days.


Free shipping on orders above 30€ (without VAT) for Portugal Mainland and Islands and 100€ (without VAT) for the rest of Europe.

The shipping cost below these values is 4,5€+VAT for Portugal, 4,9€ for Azores and Madeira Islands, and for the rest of Europe it varies according to the country zone.

Zone 1: 8€+VAT

Zone 2: 8,5€+VAT

Zone 3: 20€+VAT

Note: VAT is only charged in UE countries.

Below is a list of countries by zone:

Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Germany Gibraltar Albania
Andorra Iceland Bosnia
Austria Liechtenstein Bulgaria
Belgium Norway Croatia
Denmark Switzerland Cyprus
Spain Slovakia
Finland Slovenia
France Estonia
Greece Hungary
Greenland Kosovo
Netherlands Latvia
Ireland Lithuania
Italy Macedonia
Luxembourg Malta
Monaco Moldavia
Sweden Poland
Czech Republic
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